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Transparency & Accountability
Democracy only works when elected leaders are transparent with their constituents and are held accountable for their actions.  
Equity & Justice
An inequitable solution is an unjust solution. Elected leaders must consider equity in every decision, including the reality that fairness does not always equate to equity because everyone does not begin in the same place.  
Women's Rights
A woman's right to choose what to do with her body is a medical decision between a woman and her doctor. Period.  
Racism has existed in the United Stated since its creation, and continues to exist today. Governmental leaders are responsible for making decisions that fight systemic racism at every level. 
Combating Climate Change
Climate change is real and observable all around us. Local leaders have a responsibility to make policy decisions that reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. 

Engaged Local Government
I envision a Township Board of Trustees that is more collaborative and productive. Transparency and proactive engagement from municipal leaders is required to provide opportunities for township residents to interact with the Board, ask questions, and voice concerns beyond regular meetings. As Township Supervisor I will engage directly and regularly with all residents. 

Kalamazoo Township should be a leader in Michigan, providing a safe, equitable, and welcoming home. As Township Supervisor, I will partner with communities across the township to bring forward:

  • Policies that affirm and protect the rights of all people in the township to live and love freely as themselves. 

  • Affirmation of support for every woman’s right to abortion care, as outlined in the Michigan Constitution.

  • Innovative solutions to support and protect residents struggling with diseases of despair.

  • Sustainable solutions to confront the climate crisis head-on within the township.

I will also support the Kalamazoo Township Clerk, Kalamazoo County Clerk, and statewide election officials in preserving the integrity of our democracy.


Available housing options in Kalamazoo Township have become limited and expensive. I will collaborate with colleagues on the Board of Trustees to leverage township mechanisms, such as zoning ordinances, to help ease supply and affordability of housing while maintaining stable property values.

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Improving Our Roads

Kalamazoo Township's roads are in need of attention and significant repair. As Township Supervisor, I will work with the Kalamazoo County Road Commission (which manages roads in the township) to develop and deliver on a road improvement plan. 

I will create opportunities, including town halls, for township residents to have input into how I prioritize advocacy to the County Road Commission on your behalf. 

Economic Development

As Township Supervisor, I will work across the township to bring about conditions in which current and aspiring small business owners have a true shot at success by exploring bold and innovative approaches to development, such as a Downtown Development Authority.

I will convene small business owners to advise on the real-world conditions they experience and how the township can support them moving forward. 

The climate of employment is directly tied to the health of the economy in the township. I will convene workers from across industries in the township to advise on the state of working conditions and how the township can be a driver of healthy work environments.

Union workers are the backbone of the workforce across the United States, including in Kalamazoo Township. I will remain in regular contact with labor unions who represent workers in the township. As a worker who participated in the formation of a new workers' union, I wholeheartedly support the growth of union labor in Kalamazoo Township.

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